I want to buy a house, where do I start?

It’s amazing how many times it needs to be said; don’t be scared. Get your financing straight first. For some people the fear of talking to a mortgage broker is enough to have them procrastinate for years on owning their own home. Most people believe that past mistakes or a lower than perceived income, or lack of employment history can stand in the way of owning the home they’ve always wanted. Some potential home owners have outdated beliefs on what can and can’t be done in the mortgage industry. Of course people are “just guessing” and can easily sabotage themselves before they even get started.

The fact is, the real damage is done by avoiding talking to a mortgage broker as soon as you are thinking about buying. Not knowing what you don’t know is as devastating to any goal. In addition, not knowing what you could be doing on a day to day basis to repair bad credit or establish a qualifying work history will only prolong the time it’s going to take to get into that home. The average first time home buyer is intimidated by the process but don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Talking to a mortgage broker now and laying it all out there starts the process and helps build a strategy to overcome any issues that might arise. Even if you lay low and save some money for a while, you might be doing something else that is making it harder to get a loan. You’ll wish you had talked to someone sooner.

I encourage you to reach out and talk to anyone who can give you professional advice. Maybe it will alleviate that internal dialogue that tries to talk us out of the things we want to do.

Start now, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Here are a few resources to help you on your way:

http://www.kellermortgage.com/ <— This is Keller Williams signature mortgage program. Check out those incentives…

https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/mortgages/talk-lender-before-start-house-hunting/ <—excellent article on the benefits of talking to a mortgage professional first.

http://www.interest.com/mortgage/news/mortgage-fears/ <—
great article on the common fears that sideline people who think they can't get a loan, and why they might be wrong.

Whatever stage of the home buying process you are in, I would love to help….



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