Does a Title Company Matter? | Arlington REALTOR©

You better believe a title company matters! When you hire a REALTOR© you aren’t just hiring one person. You are hiring a team of qualified professionals who will all be working towards your goal of home ownership. Even if your real estate agent is part of a large brokerage, at the end of the day they are probably a small business. Their time must be delegated to professionals both practically and legally. It’s a good idea to be wary of an agent who seems to know “everything” and “anything.” A qualified real estate professional will always defer to others on matters that pertain to the plethora of issues when buying, selling, or investing in real estate. Deferring to the professionals at a title company is no exception.

Regardless of how large or small a title company is, at the end of the day each office is probably individually owned and filled with qualified professionals. What is makes each title company different is the way they deal with their clients. It’s not just follow up, it’s in the way they assert themselves as a resource for you; a fantastic title company will work directly for you and your clients.

Let’s face it, not every agent or client has the gift of perfect organizational skills. A good title company can help you provide an keen eye for details that can get missed, especially in complicated or special needs transactions. They can also provide you with legal counsel as a service to help you make smart decisions throughout the closing process. They are technically not obligated to provide legal advice, but as courtesy will allow you access to the lawyers and their legal acumen. 

A good title company understands the value of contract performance. They will be your coaches to make sure timelines are met and duties performed. They provide a wonderful service of holding escrow funds and manage the complicated issues that can arise with escrow money. From organization to follow up, the right team working on your behalf will provide you and your clients peace of mind when going through an epic endeavor such as the transfer of real estate.

In my recent search, I have found a company that I believe to be at the top of their game in the title business. With the resources of a large national organization, blended with the personal touch you get from investing locally company, Providence Title off Bowen Road in Arlington is doing great things for agents and their clients.  I recently spend some time with Carlos Woltmann, Director of Business Development and Melissa Mutchler an Escrow officer with Providence Title. I believe that this group has customer service down to a science; both for the insured and for agents looking to refer their clients. For those commercial agents, they have the experience and scope of talent to assist with the wild demands that come up through a commercial real estate transactions.

I would encourage any seller, buyer, or agent insist on speaking with Providence Title. They have an approach that will be remembered for years to come. Please, email Carlos Woltmann at or call him directly at 817.723.4242

Providence Title 2.jpg

Providence Title Arlington-Bowan

4107 S Bowen Road
Suite 101
TX 76016

Phone: 817-855-6400
Fax: 817-855-6411

Again, if you need any assitance with the buying, selling, or investing in real estate don’t hesitate to email me at

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